Specific instructions for some popular programs.

Creating a GEDCOM with PAF 5.2


Private Notes

PAF uses the ~ (tilde) as the first character on a Notes line to mark the note as Confidential.

The recommendation is to not export Confidential Notes, by un-checking the box in front of Confidential Notes as you can see in the images below. If you are using PAF, you may also want to define the ~ (tilde) as the Prefix for private notes in your Import Settings.

Export ANSI

To export ANSI, you must

  • select Export to Other Ged com 5.5 and then
  • select ANSI in the charset pull down.

Creating a GEDCOM with Reunion

Step 1: Export a GEDCOM file in Reunion as shown below.

Reunion exporting 01.png

Step 2: Choose GEDCOM 5.5 and Windows as the options as is shown in the figure below. Save this file to your local hard drive.

Reunion exporting 02.png

Step 3: Import the GEDCOM into the MacKay Project.

Caution: If you download your MacKay Project GEDCOM and import it into Reunion (perhaps to do some editing on your desktop), there is no option in Reunion to retain the GEDCOM's ID numbers. In fact, Reunion will renumber individuals and families, filling in gaps in the sequence. If you then export your amended GEDCOM from Reunion for import into MacKay Project you will lose media and other links for those people and families who have been re-numbered.

Creating a GEDCOM with Legacy

Legacy Web Site

Export Ged com

  1. Simply choose Export To / GEDCOM Fileā€¦ from the File pull-down menu to display the GEDCOM Export window.


  2. In the Product file for: choose GEDCOM 5.5 Only.
  3. In the Character Set: ANSI.
  4. Make sure the Records Selection box is set to the records you want to export.
  5. If you want to exclude certain information from the GEDCOM, press the Customize button to view the Items to Include window.
  6. You can also protect the privacy of living individuals by checking the Suppress details for Living people box.
  7. When you are ready to produce the GEDCOM file, press START EXPORT.
  8. Select the location where you'd like to save your file (make sure it's one you can easily remember.)

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