KENTUCKY FEUDIST IS SLAIN.; Oldest Survivor of McCoy Faction Is Killed in Knife Fight.
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Special to The New York Times. (); July 09, 1921, , Section Amusements, Hotels and Restaurants, Page 12, Column , words

Special to the New York Times
Paintsville, KY., July 8 - Judge John J. McCoy has been killed at his home on Lynn Bary in Martin County. He was 83 years of age. It is reported he was engaged in a fight with Tom McCoy, a cousin, who resides in Martin County. Tom McCoy was accompanied by Eph Thompson and John Cornett.

It was a fight with knives between the two McCoys but Tom was not hurt. When the body of the Judge was found his throat was cut from ear to ear. All three men were arrested and are in the Martin County Jail.

McCoy, an ex-County Judge, was the oldest survivor of the McCoy faction whose feud with the Hatfields for forty years was the worst the Kentucky mountains ever knew. It is feared a family feud will result from the killing of the aged Judge.

Published July 9, 1921

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