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19201 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MACKAY, P.A. (P87)
19202 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MACKAY, K.V. (P16)
19203 Virginia Williams Mackay with children Patricia and Kenneth 
WILLIAMS, Virginia Frances (P18)
19204 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MACKAY, P.A. (P5)
19205 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MACKAY, P.A. (P87)
19206 Virginia Williams Mackay, Real Estate Agent 
WILLIAMS, Virginia Frances (P18)
19207 Vital Records of Weston, MA - 1713 to 1849 
MUNROE, Abigail (P2129)
19208 VllT1353.FBC, Source Medium: Family Archive CD
Source (S133)
19209 Vol. 1 by Sarah Prichard and others; v. 2 and 3 edited by J. Anderson with the assistance of Anna L. Ward.|||Includes index.|||"Family records": v.1, appendix, p. [1ap]-66ap. Source (S-2058139375)
19210 Vols. 1 and 2 paged continuously; v.3 consists of biographies and is paged separately.|||Includes indexes. Source (S-2037181533)
19211 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. GALLAGHER, N.J. (P236)
19212 Voter Registration Lists, Public Record Filings, Historical Residential Records, and Other Household Database Listings
Source (S-2051890167)
19213 Voter Registration Lists, Public Record Filings, Historical Residential Records, and Other Household Database Listings
Source (S-2051890157)
19214 Walnut Grove Cemetery
FELLOWS, Roy Lee (P652)
19215 Walter Devereux 1st Earl of Essex 
DEVEREUX, Walter (P282)
19216 was baptized by Rev. A.A. Lings, and sponsored by Deglan Terry and Bridget Reilly.
attended St. Joseph's school and church. later became communicant of the CHurch of Our Lady of the Rosary. was a warring hatter for 35+ years.
TERRY, William J. (P368)
19217 went to war and never heard from again
MAXWELL, George (P787)
19218 Went to work in Iowa during the depression, and died and buried there, family stayed in Indiana.
FELLOWS, Frank H (P20)
19219 Weston Births Munroe 
MUNROE, Abigail (P2129)
19220 WFT Vol 11 #1353, Source Medium: Family Archive CD
Source (S131)
19221 Wheatland Cemetery
MACKEY, Robert J Bobby (P386)
19222 Wheatland Cemetery
WILSON, Dorothy May (P1377)
19223 White Haven Cemetery, Rochester, NY
MCKAY, George Lawrence (P58)
19224 White Haven Cemetery, Rochester, NY
MONAHAN, Grace Elizabeth (P157)
19225 Wilkeson Family 
WILKESON, Samuel Henry (P1698)
19226 Will Alfred S 
BARNES, Alfred Smith (P265)
19227 Will Ferguson (son of Robert, husband of Mary), Photo (Name: handwritten date on back is 1940;), Source Medium: Photograph
Source (S138)
19228 Will files 16 June 1865. Source (S14)
19229 Will written July 6 1865 and was proved August 21 1855. Source (S29)
19230 William A. Maher, a veteran of both world wars and a Yonkers resident for 70 years, died Tuesday at St John's Riverside Hospital in
Yookers after a long illness. He was 45.
Mr. Maher was born to James E. and Margaret Maher on July 26, 1900, in New York City. In 1904, he moved to Yonkers, where he attended public schools.
During World War I, he served in the U.S. Army as a member of WNRacnA. Manor Battery E, 15th Field Artillery, Second Division. He was decorated by the French Army and received three citations. He wa
s a charter member and barracks commander of Yonkers Barracks No. 1028 of the Veterans of World War I of the USA Inc.
During World War II, he served in the Army Air Force. Mr. Maher was a life member of the "Retreads," an organization of veterans who served in both world
He was a commander of the Westchester County council of the
Veterans of Foreign Wars and a life member of Lowerre Post No. SOW, Yonkers, VJ.W.
Mr. Maher was chairman of the poppy committee of the Central Committee of War Veterans Organizations and a general chairman of the Central Committee Military Ball that was held at the state armory i
Yonkers, He also was chairman of the Memorial Day Committee and a grand marshall of the Memorial Day Parade in Yonkers.
Mr. Maher and Margaret Harding were married June 19,1943, at the Church of St John the Baptist in Yonkers.
He was employed as an inspector by Anaconda Wire and Cable of Hastings-on-Hudson from 1941 until 1968, when he retired.
He was a communicant of the Church of the Immaculate Conception in Irvington.
Mr. Maher is survived by his wife; his daughter, Mary Lynne Vecchione of Irvington; three brothers, James of Putnam Valley, Francis of Yonkers and Edward of
Patterson; his sister, Margaret McCardle of Old Greenwich, Conn.; and his grandchild.
MAHER, William Aloyious (P265)
19231 William Duncan Ferguson FERGUSON, William Duncan (I1173)
19232 William G. Nash, E-mail (Name: received at 11/13/98;), Source Medium: Electronic
5475 Old Cove Road
Clarkston, MI 48346
data not verified
Source (S125)
19233 William Greenleaf 
GREENLEAF, William (P2745)
19234 William Peck (1604 - 1694) 
PECK, William (P865)
19235 William Washington ODOM (F: Rebecca Samantha Clementine (Odom) SHORT) was born MCCOY in Ivalog, Georgia about 1802/3 (Family Bible says 02, History books day 03). His 'daddy' left and mother did not know if killed . Mother went back to folks and when he wa
ODOM, William Washington "Bill" (P492)
19236 william wilkes son of thomas and jane 
WILKES, Sir William David (P1671)
19237 willobee.FTW, Source Medium: Other
Source (S127)
19238 Worcester County, Massachusetts Memoirs Volume I-II 
TENNEY, Thomas (P2198)
19239 Worcester County, Massachusetts Memoirs Volume I-II 
WILLIAMS, Isaiah Thornton Thompson Esq (P812)
19240 Worcester County, Massachusetts Memoirs Volume I-II pg 2 jpg 
TENNEY, Thomas (P2198)
19241 Working the Yearlings Rancocas Stables 
BARNES, Sarah "Lily" (P667)
19242, "Church Marriage Records". Database.
Source (S-2051890169)
19243 Y Ahn 
AHN, Young Bong (P2512067658)
19244 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. MCCOY, R.C. (P2511106531)
19245 Your great-aunt Margaret was my mother's [Catharine Seabry Benson] best childhood friend. Margaret was evidently a real beauty with naturally red hair - but she had a real sense of michief to go wit
h it.
In the summers when the 2 of them were in high school (this would be 1915 - 1919) the used to go on vacation to a little town called Eagle, NY. It's somewhere around Buffalo. They visited my grandmoth
er and your grandfather's cousin named Celia Eddie. She was a McGinn and related to the McWilliams. Her husband was a character beyond belief...
I think the had quite a time going to the dances in the woods - a platform was built and they danced in the open air and I'm sure had quite a few of the local yokals in their thrall.
Anyhow, one time in school a test was given, possibly in lating class and neither Margaret nor my mother was prepared( this was at Nazareth High School in Rochester) my mom looked back at Margaret t
o catch a sympathetic eye and margaret was writing away. My mom was totally perplexed. how could Margaret have anything to write when neither of them did the homework? After class my mom asked Margar
et what on earth she had written. Margaret answered, "I was composing".
Here are the poems she wrote (recited to my sister and I many times by my mother)
Oh Eagle, My Eagle,
No matter where I be
I'd gladly pay my fee
And hasten on to thee

I Remember
I remember, I remember
the school where I was taught
The little desk I sat at and
Thought and thought and thought

What my mother doesn't remember is whether or not margaret got in trouble for not answering the question. Another thin that they used to get in trouble for was being late back to school after lunch
. They lived close enough to go home for lunch - that it they would go to my mom's for lunch. ( By the way, in Margaret's married life she lived just down the street from Nazareth and her daughter an
d some granddaughters went there).
Anyhow they were almost always late. Apparently there were no locker and their books were left in their home room desks all day. On this one of many late days they arrived after class had started s
o my mom slipped into the homeroom to get both their books and left margaret in the hall. The homeroom was near the auditorium and she was standing in the door way (hoping no faculty passing in the ha
llway would notice her). As luck would have it the principal sailed by and spotted her. "Miss McKay," she demanded, "what are you doing out of your class?" "Sister," Margaret responded, "I'm awed b
y the silence." Not knowing how to respond to that the prinicpal (Sr. Marcella - they always called her Marcie) continued down the hall. Which makes us think that Margaret's 'composing' diversion prob
ably worked for her too.
- Miriam Benson Ganze & Catharine Seabry Benson
MCKAY, Margaret M (P60)
19246 [mckay-sattler.FTW] [McKay.FTW] 219 Ferry Rd. Edinburgh, Scotland Dear Clansman, Your most interesting letter was received by me a few days ago. Canada and the U.S.A. must hold many descendants of the Mac Kay's who left or were evicted from the Mac Kay County of about 150 years ago. Recently, I had letters from a William Mac Kay in Puerto Rico whose people went to N.C. around about 1900, and he is very keen on the land of his forefathers and has joined the clan Mac Kay society. I was able to procure for him a very rare copy of Robert Mac Kay's clan history of 1923. Did you like my "notes on the early church of Tongue"? The history is accounts and refers to the period prior to 1843. There is no history in the Mac Kay County since that date. I, myself, had a sister in Detroit, a daughter in Toronto and a son in Trinidad. Relations are scattered in Calvery, Winnipeg, Van Couver, Ohio and many other places across the sea. You mention that your great grandfather was Ian Bane Mac Kay from near Tongue. I have often heard about Ian Bane, from the district I was born in. (Skerray, Tongue). There was quite a number of the Bane Mac Kays. Have you got fuller particularities as to where they came from and when? They left Tongue for Canada. One of the Bane's was the pipe major of the famous 93rd highlanders. "the thin red line of balaclava." He lived next house to our house. The Bane's was great pipers and people of intelligence. And this family of Banes nearby was known for their great strength, while another is referred to in one of Rob Donn's (Robert Mac Kay) songs. It would require some inquiring to establish which family is your connection. In any case, you can be proud of your Mac Kay connections. The Clan Mac Kay Society have several functions throughout the year. We are the oldest clan society, founded in 1806, and have members all over the world. In this present age, many find no great interest in clan affairs. This applies to all Scottish societies. Should you desire to join the society, the life membership is l3-31. You should communicate with the treasurer. Miss May Mac Kay - hon. Treasurer - Clan Mac Kay Society - "Sunnyside" steppes - near Glasgow, Scotland. You should mention to the treasurer that you have been in communication with me and that you would like a copy of the booklet on the Clan Mac Kay society history. And a copy of the annual report. I wish to hear from you again. Yours sincerely, William J. Mac Kay PS: This booklet is the one published by the society a few years ago. Various small publications on Mac Kay history have been published, but I do not recommend any of them. If you are keen on Mac Kay history on the Evictions, you should procure a copy of I. Snimble's book "The Trial Of Patrick Sellar." This book is all about Tongue and the cruel evictions. This letter was wrote to Ralph Mc Kay. [mckay-sattler.FTW] MCKAY, Alexander "Sandy" Bain (I178)
19247 [mckay-sattler.FTW] [McKay.FTW] Henrietta McKay-Kile (my maternal grandmother) married three times, don't know the name of her first husband who was Bell's father. Second husband was named Davis. Third husband, (my Grandfather) Lemuel Kile. They had 2 children, uncle Albert and my mother, who was also named Henrietta. Uncle William Davis, wife Eliza Smith. Children: James, Bill, Henrietta, Barbara, Lena, Alma, Mike and Ruth. I almost forgot Doll, who was just a trifle older than Lena. All the children of uncle Will are deceased. Mike and his wife Gertrude had 3 children: 1 son and 2 daughters. Doll and her husband, Harry Click had 2, I believe they were or are boys, but I’m not sure. Ruth married Milt Logan. They had 2 girls and 2 boys. Sorry, I left out Jemima who was married to Duncan Walker. I believe they had 2 or 3 kids. That’s all of the Davis'. MCKAY, Henrietta (I1067)
19248 _VoyagesList 
VOISIKU, Alfred Feliks 566-26-2690 (P2)

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